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Advocate Men Dec, 1986

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Phoneline, Beverly Hills

The Hot Line

︎256 S. Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Image Description:
Half-page ad printed in black text on white background, double black outlined rounded rectangle enclosing ad. Three white men pose atop a corded telephone set. A very muscular brunette with no body hair in a jockstrap poses in a squat, one arm on a reclining brunette, less muscular with ample chest hair in a pair of white briefs. A nude blonde with a bright bikini bottom tanline lies on his stomach in front of them. Text is set in a variety of typefaces and styles on all sides.

Text Ad:
Do It on the Phone! THE HOT LINE you must be 18 A 24 HOUR SERVICE
CALL: Nationwide (800)621-2821 Use Your Major Credit Card In California (213)650-8079 Free Long Distance Call Backs or send check or money order to: THE HOTLINE 256 S. Robertson BLVD Beverky Hills, CA, 20211

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