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Drummer No.14, 1977

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Bars, Long Beach

Mike’s Corral

︎2020 East Artesia, North Long Beach, CA 90805

Image Description:
Single column ad, large line-art logo medallion on white background with black text:  the bust of a white man in leatherman’s cap, hand to chin showing large bicep against a backdrop of an American flag, addtional info displayed onblack solid background with white text below medallion.

Ad Text:
MIKE’S CORRAL INTERNATIONAL IN LONG BEACH MIKE’S CORRAL (213) 423-9968 2020 East Artesia, North  Long Beach

Trade Paper is a cataloging project run for fun by Jory Dayne, a designer and illustrator in Los Angeles. I’m interested in documenting the ads that listed addresses in the Los Angeles area in old gay rags. Read More ︎